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What is Juicingpedia?

Juicingpedia is a website acting as an encyclopedia for juicing! We are constantly striving to make our juicing recipes, articles, and information as complete as possible. If there is something you think we are missing, then please let us know. In fact, you can even submit information to us for approval to be added on the site. To do this you can simply email juicingpedia (at) gmail (dot) com.

Who is Behind Juicingpedia?

We have a small team of dedicated juicers who help gather information, create new juice recipes, and motivate the site onward. Our juicing team consists of a husband and wife duo.

Meet Heidi & Devon:

Heidi, to this date, creates the juices. She has been juicing for almost a year now (as of January 2013). Her new juicing lifestyle was inspired mainly by her husband Devon.

Devon truly has too many interests to even attempt to name them here. He is a hard working medical student who loves to play and pursue new interests. After being introduced to juicing through family Devon decided it would be a good diet practice for his family.

Meet The Web Design & SEO Team:

ewebify seo company An important key to any website is an internet business solutions company. eWebify, an Atlanta seo company, is the company behind the web design and SEO of juicingpedia.

From the ground up eWebify has been a crucial part in helping Juicingpedia succeed. The company has done all the web design, coding, SEO, and research to help Heidi and Devon provide quality juicing information to viewers like you!

Get To Know Our Juicing Team!

If you are new to juicing or would just simply like someone to talk to about it and other healthy lifestyles, please feel free to use any of our comment sections on our site. We are quick to respond with our viewers.

We can’t wait to meet more of you!

2 comments on “About Us

  1. Hey, thought I’d let you know about a bug in your website. When I click the Health option under the Recipies link, it brings me to the About Us page.

    Just FYI.

    • juicingpedia on said:

      Thanks so much Jason. I sent the info to eWebify and they should have taken care of it!

      I am just curious, how did you come across our site?

      ~Heidi (Juicing Blogger @ Juicingpedia)

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