Benefits of Juicing

Benefits of Juicing

Because of the many benefits of juicing my husband has made it an important part of his mornings. He actually tells me that when he misses a morning juice, he can feel his body craving it later in the day.

I know about cravings. I’ve been pregnant. And I’m a girl. I think cravings and being a girl go hand-in-hand. Like Ben and Jerry’s Half-baked Ice Cream and that time of the month. Or Arby’s french fries and the first three months of pregnancy. Or chocolate and…any time you’re upset?

Many leading experts have theorized that these cravings are actually caused by a need in your body regarding certain vitamins, minerals, proteins, etc. When it comes to my sad moments or ‘monthly ‘cravings of chocolate (in whatever form), my body is desiring the endorphin support of chocolate in altering my (rather grumpy) mood. Similarly, when I crave fast food (throughout all pregnancy), my body is starved for the sodium needed to raise my normally very low blood pressure in order to function properly for two people.

And when my husband craves his morning juice, it is because his body is used to receiving numerous vitamins and minerals, so when it does not receive them, it is not able to function properly.

But what are the health benefits of juicing that my husband craves so much?

It depends on what juice you make, but I try to always include leafy greens like spinach or kale in my juices. This is because these foods are ‘super-foods’ in regards to nutrients:

Benefits of Juicing Spinach and Kale

Spinach and kale are fantastic sources for vitamin K, vitamin A, manganese, folate, magnesium, iron, vitamin C, vitamin B, calcium, potassium, vitamin E, copper, zinc, phosphorous, and even omega-3 fatty acids. So, if you use these foods for your juices daily, you are supplying your body with these many, varied vitamins and minerals, daily. It is, in essence, a multi-purpose vitamin supplement with much greater ability because of the various phytonutrients also present in the foods. So get juicing, and get your health benefits.


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