Cucumber Juice Benefits

An informative article sharing some of the cucumber juice benefits received when adding cucumbers to a juicing recipe!

Cucumber Juice Benefits

I always try to come up with a witty story – some kind of a hook, to make each of these juicing entries exciting and enticing. But, to be quite honest, I just spent the last four hours cooking dinner, cleaning it up, playing, reading, and then putting both of my boys to bed, and I’m just completely out of witty comments, regarding cucumbers, at least. I could tell a mean tale of the Princess and Pea or The Frog Prince, though (those were the selected tales of the night tonight).

So let’s just get into the meat of it all: cucumber juice. Have I mentioned before that it is good for you? GUESS WHAT? It is. I really mean that sincerely, despite my seemingly flippant attitude as of currently.

Cucumber Juice Benefits

And truthfully, cucumbers are probably one of my favorite veggies – both to eat and to juice. There is no match to that crunch and sweet taste with those slippery seeds in the middle. And because cucumbers are 95% water, if ever my juice recipe runs a bit short in the cup, I just add a bit of cucumber – it’s soft flavor leaves the taste unaffected, while still producing a significant amount of juice.

This juice is not just empty, unrepresented cup-filler, however. Cucumbers are high in vitamin C and K, vitamins crucial for immune health and bone health, respectively. Phytonutrients in cucumbers are also highly anti-inflammatory and anticarcinogenic, removing free radicals which cause cancer and heart disease. Cucumbers are low in calories and are a natural diuretic, helping to prevent kidney and bladder disease as well as lower blood pressure.

If you are interested in reading more about the benefits of cucumbers you can read more in depth about them here.

But, if you’d rather just get a couple delicious cucumber juicing recipes, here are a few:

Cucumber Juice Recipes

Cuckoo Cuc Juice Recipe


1 medium (sweet) cucumber
1 fuji apple
1/2-1 lemon (based on your level of tartness liking)
1 chunk ginger (1-2 inch section)
1 handful romaine lettuce or fresh parsley

About This Recipe:

Serve with ice (as usual). This is almost lemonade-y in flavor. The ginger is HIGHLY anti-inflammatory, and helps add a kick of flavor. The cucumber and apple provide a lot of juice, as well as sweeten the juice nicely. The romaine has a very mild, smooth flavor and adds a lot of nutrients. Parsley is a bit more flavorful, which may not be appealing for new juicers, but adds even more nutrition to the juice. You can definitely add this recipe to your list of healthy juicing recipes.

cucumber apple lemon ginger romaine lettuce Parsley

Cuckoo Cuc Juice Recipe


2 medium (sweet) cucumbers
1/2 – 1 lime (based on your liking of tartness)
1 cup fresh watermelon (or other melon, like cantaloupe or honeydew)
1 -2 handfuls spinach

Before You Juice…

One thing that is important to realize with juicing is that what goes in comes out. If you have a tart, off-tasting fruit or veggie, by juicing it, it will not magically morph into a yummy tasting fruit or vegetable. TRY THE FOOD you plan on juicing BEFORE you juice it, to ensure freshness and flavor. Certain types of cucumbers can be bitter or tart in flavor. These types of cucumbers would match a carrot-kale-celery juice better than a fruit-and-spinach juice recipe. Just as a FYI…

cucumber lime watermelon spinach

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