Prune Juice Benefits

I feel like this juice’s title is a bit on the self-explanatory side. At least in its main benefit, which anyone who has given birth understands. I’m not going to go into details, especially not right before giving FOOD recipes, but let’s just say that prunes are the reason that I didn’t have to endure second labor pains, following my first son’s birth. There you go. Sorry, but I really couldn’t help it.

The Other Prune Juice Benefits

Prune Juice BenefitsHOWEVER, prunes are good for more than just digestive tract ‘maintenance’. Prunes are high in soluble fiber (and with the following juice, this fiber remains in the juice). This fiber helps to regulate blood sugar, benefits digestion, and prevents overeating, as it causes the body to feel ‘full’. This fiber also helps to lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Prunes are also high in insoluble fiber, which helps to maintain normal levels of good bacteria within the intestines: by maintaining high levels of this good bacteria, disease in the intestines – be it cancer, ulcers, or malabsorption – is better avoided. Finally, prunes are very high in antioxidants. Two of their main antioxidants have been linked to protection against oxidative damage on fatty tissue, like brain cells.

So, enjoy your prune juice…not JUST when you have a specific need…

If you are in need of some prune juicing recipes, then you can visit our recipes tab in the menu bar above and categorize your search to prune juice. Enjoy!

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